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Sailing School Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities

LMSA Sailing School is an all-volunteer school. There are many ways to contribute, and no sailing experience is required. Even if you are only able available for a couple of hours, it will help. Here are some of the common tasks:
Helping with boats and equipment: No experience needed. We can always use a helping hand to get boats and equipment out and put away.
Helping with rigging/derigging: The first two days the students need help with the rigging, launching and derigging upon return. Don't know how to rig a Zest? We'll show you. This is a good task if you can only be there for the first or last half of class.
Safety Boat - Driver/Assistant: We have a Whaler that is used for coaching and to assist students if necessary. In addition to the driver and instructor, we also like to have another person on board to assist if needed. If you have been checked out on the Whaler, we would appreciate your time. If you have not been checked out, but have motor boat experience, let use know.
Sailing/coaching from the water: If you love to sail and would like to coach from the water, you can use a club boat or bring your own (no keelboats please). We have even had volunteers coach from paddle boards. On higher wind days, coaches may go out with students on the Holder 14s and/or Hobie waves if comfortable with those boats.
Working/sailing with students who need extra help: Some students take longer to pickup sailing and can become frustrated. If a student is really struggling, it's helpful to have a volunteer sail with the student for a bit to provide one on one coaching.


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TRAIN THE TRAINERS: The Sailing School is looking for volunteers who are interested in becoming Coaches, Assistant Instructors or Instructors. If you are interested, let us know.


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