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Safety Boat Volunteer

Safety Boat Volunteer Form

Sailboat racing, while not all we do at our sailing club, it is none the less a big part of our program. We are fortunate to have a race committee of 3 members who have found it to be a rewarding experience volunteering as the committee for all Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon scheduled races during the year.

What we are looking for now are non-racing members who would volunteer to run the safety boat during the races on some kind of scheduled basis and when winds are forecasted to be 10 mph to higher. This would augment our racing program by having rescue assistance available during the races. We have our 150 hp Boston Whaler as an excellent motor boat available for this service. What we need is a crew of at least two for each race when winds meet the criteria.

Schedules can be flexible from twice a week to once per month. Confirmation of the need for the safety boat will be given on the day of the races. Volunteers will be given training on boat operation and rescue techniques. Besides being a fun boating experience it would provide a valuable service to LMSA to have for safety reasons during our races when the winds dictate.

If interested, you can respond by requesting any kind of schedule frequency that might work for you (see options below). Please plan to be a part of this program by responding with one of the following options. With enough volunteers we can be very flexible.

Race days are Wednesday with a Safety Boat start of 5:30pm and Saturdays with a Safety Boat start of 1:00pm.

Schedule Options
Thanks for Volunteering. You will be contacted shortly.