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Pavilion Reservation (LMSA Members ONLY)


Reservation Form

Contact Information


Reservation Date and Time


No reservations past 9:00pm.
Pavilion may NOT be reserved for Memorial Day, Independence Day or Labor Day.

Event Details


(a) Private Events are by invitation only.
(b) The \'Event Title\' will appear on the LMSA calendar. If you do not want details on the calendar, use \'Private Event\' for the title.

You will be contacted by the Facility Manager or staff to confirm your reservation or to let you know if there is a conflict.
Add to cart and complete checkout to submit your request.


LMSA Members may reserve the pavilion for events.  To see if the pavilion is free for a specific date and time, check the LMSA Calendar. Reservations WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED for dates prior to Docks in Day, dates after Docks out Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day or Labor Day. The pavilion will be open for general use during these times.

Members who use the pavilion for events are responsible for

  • Conduct of guests (remember to tell guests no running/jumping from the docks)
  • Ensuring the pavilion is clean and free of trash when done
  • Emptying the two trash cans on the north side of the pavilion if they are full
  • Cleaning gas grills (if used) and returning them to the middle shed
  • Ensure all toys, life vests, and other club items are returned to the proper sheds

If you have any problems, please contact the Facility Manager (Matt).

To reserve the Pavilion, please fill out the required information, add to cart and complete the checkout process.  The Facility Manager will contact you to confirm the reservation or notify if there is a conflict.