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Mutiny at Manawa RSVP

Mutiny at Manawa

Sunday, August 20st

11am to noon: Registration
12pm: What’s What meeting
1pm to 4-ish: Fun, games and challenges
4-ish: Dinner
Bring your friends and family!
No cost

Please RSVP for Dinner – Let us know by August 16th

To ensure we have enough food, please RSVP if you plan to attend dinner.

If you will not be attending the dinner, but will be attending the events, just enter 0 for the RSVP number.

Who are you?
Who are you?

Water Challenge – NO RSVP NEEDED, but…

It will help us if we know you plan to participate in the sailing and land challenges. It will help us ensure boats get crew and crew get on boats.

If you are interested in volunteering, a committee member will contact you. I’m interested in

The Fine Print

No water balloons. Squirt guns and buckets of water are acceptable, nay, encouraged. Prizes will be given for the best dressed captain and crew and the best (or possibly worst) dressed boat. The Mutineers who claim to be in charge reserve the right to define the rules and then promptly ignore them. Points will be given, and definitely taken away, in an arbitrary and capricious manner.
Mutineer(s) of the Year will be selected based on spirit, lack of decorum, knowledge of sea shanties, and shoe size…flagrant bribery is also an option.