The Manawa Match Racing League was formed to enjoy a team event with each person taking a turn at each position on the boat and learning new skills while in friendly competition with another equal boat. The boats are Santana 20’s, which are small fixed keel racing cruisers with mainsail, jib and spinnaker that are well suited for match racing.

Our mission is to grow the sport of sailing in our area, and advance the sport of sailing through Match Racing and One Design racing. Our mission is to improve sailing skills, build crew opportunities, and to promote a fun sailing experience on mono-hull keel boats. We will offer weekly races, ongoing instruction, both on and off the water that increases proficiency and advances sailing skills. To this end we will provide support to local sailing clubs and programs as needed.

The league has 2 levels of memberships; Gold members and League members. Gold members have contributed $500 to start the league with seed money. The Gold members have voting rights to elect officers, set schedules, set dues, and make any business decisions for the league. League members will share in the responsibility of maintaining the boats, rig, launch, and retrieve the boats, and share in the race committee duties. The dues for the league membership is $200 for each racing member and $100 for each additional family member. Gold members dues are $0 each, and $100 for additional family members.

The Manawa Match Racing League (MMRL) is celebrating its tenth year with LMSA and is recruiting members for this year’s program. MMRL has instituted some changes to make the 2017 program even more appealing and exciting.

This year we expect to have again, six teams of four members each, with three racing on Mondays and three racing on Tuesdays starting at 6:00 pm. Teams will rotate among the two Santana 20’s and the Race Committee duties each week. We will continue to use the Windfinder App to determine, at 4:30 pm on race day, if the winds are favorable for racing (between 5 to 20 mph) or not and to advise the racers accordingly. This should save unnecessary trips to the club at rush hour.

After having an unusual number of weather cancellations last year, the MMRL will be offering the option of rescheduling on the following Wednesday (with ENSA & INSA) or on Thursday evenings in the event the Monday or Tuesday winds are unfavorable. Hopefully, this will better insure MMRL members of getting their “money’s worth” in sailing time.

Also new for the year will be:
1) Both Santana 20s in our wet slips to facilitate deployment for racing and to better allow MMRL members use for day sailing.
2) Round robin races on a Saturday in August with all teams competing against each other on the Santana’s for a prize with a membership bash afterwards.
3) Later in the season, all six teams will compete in a regatta type venue using the club’s Sunfish, with a bash following.
4) Finally, all 2017 Match Racing members will be given a white polo shirt with the MMRL logo at no added cost.

FUN, FUN, FUN is the league’s objective.

Call Steve Hosch for more details.
(402) 659-7245

2017 Roster of Teams and Members

2017 Racing Schedule