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Lake Manawa Sailing Association

Membership in the Lake Manawa Sailing Association (LMSA) provides

  1. Use of the launching facilities including LMSA docks, electric hoist, launching ramp, lakefront beach area, and RC boat (for races only).
  2. Use of the the club boats after proper check out.
  3. Reserved boat parking stalls in a secure, well-lighted enclosure near to the launching area (additional fee for boat parking).
  4. A true family-oriented facility to include various social and sailing functions.
  5. Provides the opportunity to join and race Snipes with the Iowa Nebraska Sailing Association (INSA), and/or monohulls, Lasers, Nacras and Hobies with the Eastern Nebraska Sailing Association (ENSA), and/or match racing Santana 20’s with the Manawa Match Racing League (MMRL).
  6.  The Old Salt Sailors Society (OSSS) is for cruisers (and all other boats) to socialize and do some “not so serious” racing at no additional cost.

To Join the Lake Manawa Sailing Association (LMSA) you must first fill out the Membership Application Form and then pay the dues following these steps:

  1.  Click on “Please Fill out the Membership Application Here”, fill in the blanks and submit with your name at the bottom. (Required)
  2.  Click on “Pay LMSA Dues” (Required)
  3. If you wish to join one or all of the fleets (INSA, ENSA or MMRL), click on each one desired (Optional)
  4. If you have a boat and wish to secure parking leave the Join Us page and go to the “Shop” page on the menu, select the “Storage” pop-up and select the proper boat parking option.  Use this page also for selecting a locker, tube or outboard motor option.
  5. If you want a shirt, locker, tube or motor storage, select “Shop” and make your choices and select your options.
  6. When you have made all of your selections, Go to Check Out, select credit card or pay by check. (checks to be sent by mail to the address listed).
  7. You will be asked to select Password for your account which will give you access to the Members Only page after acceptance (usually 1 day). Now check out.  You will receive an email of confirmation.


LMSA Annual Membership Dues
Basic Membership $84 after July 1st
Youth Membership $15 (for youth 20 years old and younger)
Pay LMSA Dues Here!
 INSA Membership Dues (in addition to the LMSA dues above)
Basic Racing Membership $50
Introductory Racing Membership $25
Social/Junior or Crew Membership $15
ENSA Membership Dues (in addition to the LMSA dues above)
Basic Racing Membership $40
Introductory Racing Membership $25
Social Membership $15
Manawa Match Racing League (in addition to the LMSA dues above)

For non-Gold Members, the basic annual membership fee is $200 (additional family members $100). (see Match Racing League page on this website).
Pay MMRL Dues Here!

The Old Salt Sailors Society
annual membership fee is a 1/2 Pint “O” RUM!

For boat parking, tube and locker storage go to the “Storage” page to add to your cart started above and use check out method to pay on-line.

For those of you not wishing to use this on-line system for membership and to manually fill out a form and to pay by check or if you have any questions, please contact George Rood at or 402-660-2720 and a membership form will be sent to you.