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Welcome to Cruiser Fleet Racing!

The Cruiser Fleet Racing was organized to encourage team building and cruiser racing. We encourage cruiser sailors of all levels of racing experience to join in the fun! Please don’t let concerns about knowing the racing rules deter you. We will be offering a brief clinic on the basic racing rules before the first race and our Sailing School will be offering one or more Racing Clinics during the year. In addition, our friendly experienced cruiser competitors aren’t shy about giving you some “instruction” during the race if you are about to incur a penalty. Some cruiser teams may invite you to crew or let you ride along during a race if you let them know that you are interested. If you just remember that the number one rule in racing is to avoid collisions with other boats, you will do fine.

  • Skipper must be a LMSA member in good standing.
  • Boat must be a mono-hull at least 18 ft and 750 lbs. Exceptions may be granted by the Cruiser Fleet Commodore for boats that don’t match this exact criteria.
  • Skippers must serve as race committee at least two race days per season.
  • Skippers joining the fleet will designate a team name under which to sail.
  • Skippers must sail with at least one crew person (no single handing).
  • Skippers may have different crew members and sail different boats under the team name.
  • PHRF handicap will be used


Racing communication will be by the GroupMe app. To join, download the app and email “Contact Us” with the phone or email associated with the app.

Racing Schedule and Instructions

Fleet racing will be two to three times a month on Sundays at 1:30pm.

See the calendar for specific dates.

See the Cruiser Fleet Sailing Instructions


Racing times for all boats will be adjusted according to the USPHRF (US Performance Handicap Racing Fleet) handicap system. USPHRF is administered by the US Sailing Association and is updated regularly by the results of races submitted by sailing organizations around the US. More information on PHRF is available at PHRF handicaps are published for most sailboats. If a certain boat has no published PHRF handicap, a handicap committee chosen by the Cruiser Fleet Commodore will establish an initial handicap based on handicaps of other boats of similar design. Adjustments to this initial handicap may be made based on actual racing results by a 3-person committee appointed by the Commodore.


The Cruiser Fleet dues are $40 per boat. Only paid boats will be scored in season standings. Join here.