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Looking for crew? Want to crew? Want to participate in weekly races? Yes, there is an app for all that! LMSA uses the GroupMe app to facilitate timely communication related to these activities. Below are instructions for using the GroupMe app and joining the different groups.

Get Started

Get the App

  1. Get the app (you can access GroupMe from a webpage if you don’t have a smartphone ). If you have a smart phone, download the GroupMe app (it’s free) or setup account via the GroupMe webpage
  2. Decide which group or groups you would like to join. Email and ask to be added to the CrewMe group, the ENSA-INSA Racing group or both. Specify the email or phone number you will be using for the GroupMe app.
  3. Once you are added, you will see the requested group(s) under the Chat menu item.

ENSA INSA Racing Group

This GroupMe group is how Race Committee (RC) communicates with racers. RC will send out a request asking who will be racing on the day of a race. Only positive responses, please. If RC does not get three confirmed boats committed to racing at least 3 hours before the race start time, they will cancel races for the day.


There are sailors out there who would sail more often if they could find crew. Likewise, there club members who would love the opportunity to get more sailing experience, to try new boats or just enjoy a pleasant sail.

Due to schedules and weather, sailing is often a short notice activity, so it is challenging to find crew on short notice. It’s an age old problem, but don’t worry! Yes, there is an app for that…

  1. Read the best practice recommendations below
  2. Use the app
    a) Open the app and click on the CrewMe group
    b) Type your message at the bottom, requesting crew or letting others know when you would be available to crew. 
    c) Send by clicking the paper airplane to the right. 
    d) The message will go out to the group. Replies will be visible to everyone in the group

To connect sailors in a timely manner, we are testing out a new solution. We have set up a ‘CrewMe’ group on the GroupMe texting app. If you would like to join the CrewMe group, follow the steps below.

Recommended practices…
Skippers requesting crew, include …

  • Date(s) and timeframe(s) for the sail
  • Type of sailing (i.e. pleasure sailing or racing)
  • Type of boat – either the category (i.e. dinghy, keelboat, catamaran) or specific type of boat
  • Any additional requirements (i.e. looking for more than one crew person, looking for a certain level of experience or experience with a specific boat, etc)
  • If you have a deadline for responses, be sure to include it.

Hopefully you will get an interested crew member. Once you have identified a crew member, we recommend you communicate directly to finalize plans. You can either text/call/email directly or use the GroupMe direct messaging option. Just click the pencil/paper icon in the upper right while in the chat section. Choose Start Direct Message and select the GroupMe user. Direct messages are not seen by the group.

  • If you arrange crew, send a message to the GroupMe app letting everyone know you no longer need crew.

Crew looking for some sailing – have some time and would like to sail? Or maybe you’d like to try out some other types of boats. Post a message with the info below to let others know you are available.

  • Date(s) and time frame(s) you are available
  • optionally, you may want to add if there is a type of boat you are or are not interested in sailing (i.e. prefer keelboat or would love to try a catamaran)
  • Unless otherwise stated, it’s assumed you know the basics of sailing and/or have crewed before. If you have not crewed before or are concerned about your experience level, include a note such as ‘newer sailor, would like to learn how to crew’