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Spontaneous Super Blue Moon Social

Bring your own food and beverage (or something to share if you like) and join us for an impromptu beach social on Wednesday starting at 6:00pm

(look for the tents on the beach)

It’s going to be a SUPER BLUE MOON!

There won’t be another until 2032!

For those inclined, pull out your paddle board/kayak or hoist your sails to watch the sun set and the super blue moon rise while on the water!

Landlubbers can hang out on shore and roast marshmallows around the fire. Bring binoculars to get a great view of Saturn.

Sunset at 8:00pm and moon rise at 8:14pm

Sunset sail/paddle is not an LMSA sponsored event and is at your own risk. Ensure you have required lights for sunset/night sailing/paddling. Club sailboats cannot be on the water after dusk.