Introduction to Sailing

The first session of Introduction to Sailing started on Saturday, June 8th (10 students) and the second session started on Monday, June 10th (11 students). This is the first year we are incorporating the Holder 14s and we are very pleased with them so far. They sail fine with just the main and can comfortably carry 3 adults. Teaching with two different types of boats (Sunfish and Holder) has presented new challenges and some additional work, but we are working out the kinks. Thanks to everyone who has shown up to help with the first two sessions (Bill D, Bill S, Chris P, Eileen R, Laura M, Lisa S, Nathan and Scott R).

Monday night class – Sunfish and two Holders. Laura and Bill D coaching from the Whaler.

Sailing School Ramps-up

The intermediate/advanced sailing class started on June 1st. June 8th is the start of the first Introduction to Sailing class. We planned five sessions this year and the first two are already full!. Two additional morning sessions were added to accommodate a Boy Scout troop. If you would like to volunteer to help with the sailing school, please email We usually need a lot of help the first two days of each session. Scheduled class dates and times are below and on the website calendar.

Class 1, Sat. mornings (9am-noon), June 8,15,22,29
Class 3, MTWTh evenings (6-8:30pm), June 10,11,12,13
Class 2, MTWTh evenings (6-8:30pm), June 24,25,26,27
Class 4, Sat. mornings (9am-noon), July 6,13,20,27
Class 5, MTWTh evenings (6-8:30pm), July 8,9,10,11
Boy Scouts, MTWTh mornings (9am-noon), July 22,23,24,25
Boy Scouts, MTWTh mornings (9am-noon), July 29,30,31

This year we are adding 3 Holder 14’s to our fleet of Sunfish.