Wednesday Racing Update (June 12)

We had Mark S and Bill B racing on Nacra 5.2 cats, Nathan R on his Hobie Getaway, Jed on a Rebel 16 and Colin on a club laser. We welcome Jim O to his first race with LMSA. Jim sails a sunfish and prefers the challenge of crazy high winds. No disappointment there on Wednesday night with a high, gusty north wind. The RC set a windward/leeward course on east lake. Unfortunately, there were a couple casualties. The outhaul on the laser failed and dropped the boom. Colin had to pull the mast and take a tow in, but the laser was easily repaired. Nathan’s Getaway flipped before the races, but he powered through and ended up taking first place overall. After the last race, Nathan’s forestay failed and his mast came down. Fortunately there were no injuries, but some equipment was lost. Thanks to the RC for towing services! (pictures will be added when available)

Kicking June off in Style (June 1st)

Saturday June 1st was a busy day at the club. We started off with a paint party at 9am with freshly baked cinnamon caramel roles (thanks Eileen!). Thanks to everyone who turned out to paint the shop and two sheds and a special thanks to Martin for heading up the painting effort. The paint party was followed by a lunch of brats.

Painting on the sail loft – Martin and Eileen (on ladders) and Dave
Ke and George painting the sheds

Races were on at 1:30pm. This was the second race of the year, but the first Saturday race. Phil L was on his Finn, Patrick L and crew were sailing a Snipe (first snipe racing this season) and Bill B and Teresa S were at the line on Nacra 5.2 catamarans. The race committee set up the course on west lake, starting with an Olympic for the first two races and going to a one lap windward/leeward for the last race. Winds were higher and a bit shifty. We had a little drama when the Snipe went over. It took a while to get back up. Bill S, who was out with friends and family on a Hobie Wave, stopped to lend assistance (thanks Bill!). Unfortunately, the mast stuck in the mud so Patrick had to retire from the race to go clean the sail and mast.

Phil (on Finn) and Bill (on Nacra 5.2)

First Race of the Season! (May 22nd)

Wednesday, May 22nd was the first scheduled race of the season and race we did. There were only three boats, but that is all we need. We welcome Jed M who raced for the first time in Elmer (Laura M’s old boat). George C showed up do to repairs at the club and and was conscripted as crew on Elmer. The other two racers (Bill B and Teresa S) were on Nacra 5.2 catamarans. The race committee set a windward/leeward course on east lake and the wind was good. The next few Wednesdays did not work out for racing, but we are looking forward to June when we hope for less rain rain and more boats on the line.

Jed and George on Elmer
Bill with lucky number 13 heading for the start
Teresa trying to catch Bill (as always)

Match Racing – Week 2 (May 21, 2019)

This year’s match racing league consists of 3 teams racing on Tuesday nights.  Teams will rotate between the two Santana 20s and race committee each week.  We are trying some new approaches to the MMRL format. We started by using the first scheduled match race night to do a full orientation on boat rigging and proper handling of equipment. Probably the most significant change this year is that we will meet rain, shine, wind, or no wind. Like other racing groups, match race would cancel if the weather was not conducive to racing.  This year, instead of canceling when the weather is bad, we will use the time as an opportunity to expand our knowledge about sailing and racing.  It wasn’t long before we had an opportunity to try this out. Our first scheduled sailing night (May 21st) was cold and rainy, so we headed over to Boat Menders, who kindly offered their facilities for us to meet.  Steve Hosch provided a lecture on starts including what to do before the start and different starting tactics.  Other seasoned match racers added to the lecture.  After Steve’s lecture and follow on questions and answers, there was a lively discussion about the interpretation of various racing rules.  While we would have preferred to be out racing, the meeting was a great opportunity to sharpen our understanding of starts.  Hopefully we will have good wind and weather next week so we can apply some of that knowledge.      

Week 1 – Orientation