X2018 Officers

LMSA Officers for year 2018
George Rood                 President
Rick Scofield                  Vice President
Eileen Klein                    Facility Manager & Membership Coordinator

P. J. Pagnucco           Assistant Facility Manager

Board of Directors:
Mike Brindisi
Phil Lee
Martin Lesch
Mark Scherer
Randy Shipley
Bob Hoffmann
Karen Benefiel

Patrick Leahy (representing INSA)
Teresa Silence (representing ENSA)
Steve Hosch (representing MMRL)
Randy Greer (representing LMSS)
David Olsen (representing OSSS)

Waterfront and Docks – Rick Scofield
Building and Grounds – Martin Lesch
Club Boats  –  Patrick Leahy

2018 INSA Officers 
Patrick Leahy – Commodore
Margaret Scofield – Fleet Captain & Treasurer

2018 ENSA Officers
Teresa Silence – Commodore
Chuck Quinby – Vice Commodore
Mark Scherer – Associate Commodore
Laura McQueen – Secretary/Treasurer

2018 Match Racing League Officers
Steve Hosch – Commodore
Mike Brindisi – Vice Commodore
George Rood – Treasurer & Secretary

2018 Old Salts Sailing Society
Lord of the Admiralty and Commode – David Olsen
Keeper of the Privy Seal – George L. Morgan, Esq.
Barrister Extraordinaire – Jake Olsen
Barrister Extraordinaire #2 – Ross Olsen
Keeper of the Scuttlebutt – Phillip J. Lee
Officer of the Main Brace – Bob Wagner